Iím John Goodwin.
Iím a successful Graphic, Web, and New Media Designer.
I help businesses grow online.

I have over 12 years experience designing beautiful, usable, standards-compliant, CSS and XHTML content-management based web sites. I have expertise in Photoshop, Fireworks, Dreamweaver, and Flash. I also use Illustrator, NuSphere, Visual Studio, JavaScript, JQuery, Action Script, ASP and PHP, and I have recently begun to dabble in Drupal theming.

I have studied, and mastered, the ancient and mysterious art of Search Engine Optimisation, and Google loves what I do.

My clients and work

"John... I have to say that my clients are very impressed with the work you have done on my site, as am I, and for that I sincerely thank you." - Spencer Clifford, LoftLife.

I'm currently the Commercial Systems Development Executive for PasTest Ltd, specialists in medical education.

In the past, I have worked with clients including BMW, Triumph, Alfa Romeo, Peugeot, Fiat, Yamaha, Audi, Toyota and Volkswagen.

Although a key player in the development of many web sites, I've been solely responsible for the design and build of the following.

Download a Microsoft Word copy of my CV here or download a PDF copy of my CV here.

About me

I'm a thirty-something husband, father, weekend-surfer, music-lover and adopted northerner. My wife tells me that I'm becoming a grumpy old man - I suspect she may be right.

John Goodwin

I love The Stone Roses, New Order (particularly the earlier stuff), Happy Mondays, Primal Scream... there's something of a Manchester theme developing here. I also like decent trance, progressive and funky house and I'm partial to a little Foo Fighters. I know I'm not alone in the view that music aids the creative process, and I'm currently perfecting my embarrassing dad dance.

I love to party, or rather I love remembering what it was like to party before I turned the wrong side of 30. I like a beer (please drink responsibly), a laugh with my friends and a decent thought-provoking debate.

Career so far

For the last 8 years and under a multitude of titles I've worked as a ‘new media’ designer; mainly for web, always for enjoyment - although the money helps a little too. Over my career in this industry I have delivered web sites for an array of clients, including building societies, dentists, fine food suppliers, property developers, travel companies and offshore investment houses.

I've spent time as a commercial, in-house and freelance designer - you could say I can adapt to any working environment.

Fire up the jungle drums

I'm always on the look-out for exciting new projects and opportunities. Why not drop me a line and invite me to your party?

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